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Welcome to Burakorn Consulting — the leading consultant in the kratom industry, offering expert services for sourcing, producing, and exporting the highest quality kratom from Thailand. With deep insights into the local market and support from Thai government agencies, including the Narcotics Control Division, Food and Drug Administration, and Customs, we provide a comprehensive range of services — from strategic planning to logistics and marketing. Let us be your bridge to a successful business in the unique and promising kratom industry.

What We Are Doing

At Burakorn Consulting, we are dedicated to facilitating the global trade of Thai kratom by providing a bridge between Thai kratom producers and international businesses. Our services encompass a broad range of expertise to ensure our clients can navigate the complexities of the kratom industry with confidence. Here’s a snapshot of our core services:
  • Sourcing Excellence: We connect you with the finest kratom growers and producers in Thailand, ensuring access to premium quality raw materials.
  • Regulatory Guidance: With comprehensive knowledge of both Thai and international regulations, we guide you through the necessary compliance for smooth operations and export.
  • Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality checks and testing ensure that all products meet the highest standards, safeguarding your business's reputation.
  • Market Insights: Leveraging our deep understanding of the kratom market, we provide strategic advice to help you capture emerging opportunities and navigate market challenges.
  • Export Facilitation: From documentation to logistics, we manage all aspects of the export process, ensuring your products reach their destination efficiently and compliantly.
  • Custom Solutions: Recognizing that each client’s needs are unique, we offer tailored consulting services designed to achieve your specific business goals in the kratom industry.
Through these services, Burakorn Consulting empowers businesses to successfully participate in the thriving kratom market, backed by expert insights and unwavering support.

At Burakorn Consulting, our mission is to pioneer the sustainable and ethical development of the kratom industry. We are committed to:
  • Promoting Sustainability: Ensuring that all our activities, from sourcing to export, uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility and contribute to the sustainable growth of the kratom industry in Thailand.
  • Facilitating Ethical Trade: Building a bridge between Thai kratom producers and the global market that is rooted in fairness, transparency, and mutual respect. We strive to support local communities, ensuring that they benefit from the international kratom trade.
  • Empowering Clients with Knowledge: Equipping our clients with the comprehensive insights, guidance, and services they need to navigate the complex kratom market successfully. We believe informed decisions are the foundation of success in this evolving industry.
  • Advancing Quality Standards: Setting new benchmarks for quality in the kratom industry. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in all our services, from quality assurance to regulatory compliance and market analysis.
  • Championing Legal and Safe Use: Advocating for the responsible, legal use of kratom worldwide. We work closely with regulatory bodies to contribute to the development of policies that ensure safety and accessibility for all stakeholders.
Through these commitments, Burakorn Consulting aspires to be at the forefront of transforming the kratom industry into a model of sustainable and ethical business practices, benefiting our clients, the communities we serve, and the environment.


Key Advantages of Our Collaboration

Supplier Sourcing

We facilitate connections with reputable kratom farmers, ensuring a reliable supply chain.

Quality Control

Our stringent quality control measures guarantee the highest standards for your kratom products.

Licensing and Permits

We assist in obtaining necessary licenses and permits, including FDA and GMP certifications, streamlining your legal compliance.

Customs Assistance

Our team provides expert guidance on customs procedures, making international shipping hassle-free.

Manufacturing Partnerships

We help locate manufacturing facilities for kratom processing, tailored to your product requirements.

Comprehensive Support

From strategic planning to market entry, we offer all-encompassing support for your kratom business endeavors.

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