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Kratom in Thailand: A New Era for International Trade

In 2021, Thailand marked a significant milestone in the world of natural remedies by legalizing kratom, a move driven by the plant's long-standing traditional use within the country. This decision aimed not only to recognize its cultural significance but also to regulate its use, ensuring safety and quality for both domestic and international markets.
Despite Thailand's status as the world's leading consumer of kratom, its share in the global export market remains modest compared to Indonesia, known for its dominant kratom export industry. This disparity stems from Thailand's late legalization compared to Indonesia and the strong domestic demand that keeps kratom prices relatively high. However, Thai kratom boasts unique advantages, such as its year-round growth and an average mitragynine content of 2%, highlighting its premium quality.
The prospect of exporting kratom from Thailand has garnered interest from international businesses, though challenges remain. The evolving legislative landscape and the cautious stance of some carriers towards kratom shipments underscore the complexities of entering this market legally. To export kratom as a legitimate product, a Thai FDA license is required, categorizing kratom under nutrition, food products, or medicinal herbs. This poses a dilemma, as kratom is often restricted under these categories in importing countries, necessitating a nuanced approach to classification and importation.
Despite these hurdles, the future of kratom in Thailand looks promising. The global community's growing interest in its legalization and the premium prices that Thai kratom commands speak volumes about its potential. Thailand offers a unique proposition for those looking to create high-quality kratom products with added value. The country is home to numerous contract manufacturing facilities capable of processing kratom using advanced techniques like freeze-drying and ultrasonic extraction, enabling the production of high-value extracts and pharmaceuticals.
The Thai government's hopeful outlook on kratom export is matched by its comprehensive support for the industry. At Burakorn Consulting, we maintain direct contact with various regulatory bodies in Thailand, positioning us to offer invaluable assistance to those looking to navigate the lucrative opportunities in kratom export. Our expertise and connections provide a bridge to successful market entry and the development of superior kratom products, making Thailand the ideal choice for quality-focused and value-added kratom ventures.